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This service provides short-term care and supervision consistent with the health needs of the consumer to supplement care to provide a safe living environment and/or support or relieve caregivers for the benefit of the consumer.

This Service may be provided in the following settings:

1) The consumers home
2) The home of the Qualified Vendor or direct service staff that has been inspected and approved by the Department of Health or the Department of Economic Security.
3) A group home or developmental home (child or adult) licensed by the Department of Economic Security
4) A Medicare/Medicaid certified nursing facility or
5) A Certified ICF/MR

When services occur in any building other than the consumer’s home, the building must meet the requirements of building inspection for Fire, Health/Safety.

If out-of-home respite is provided in a licensed facility, the facility shall not provide services to more individuals than its license allows.

This service shall not be provided when the consumer is hospitalized.

This service shall not be provided to consumers living in group homes, vendor supported developmental homes (child or adult), skilled nursing facilities, non-state operated ICFs/MR, or Level I or Level II behavioral health facilities, or to consumers living independently.


1) To provide relief to a family member or person caring for a consumer.
2) To provide supervision either in or outside of the home, as well as supporting the emotional, physical and mental well being of the consumer.


1) Determine the consumer’s routine plan of care from the consumer’s caregiver.
2) As identified in the consumer’s ISP and/or routine plan of care, provide respite care and service to the consumer.
3) Provide for the social, emotional and physical needs of the consumer
4) Ensure that the consumer receives medication as prescribed.
5) Provide first aide and appropriate attention to injury and illness.
6) Ensure provision of food to meet daily dietary needs. Therapeutic diets requiring specialized ingredients or food supplements will be supplied by the family.
7) Assist the consumer in utilizing transportation to support the consumer in all daily living activities, e.g., day treatment and training, employment situation, medical appointments, visits with family and friends, and other activities.
8) Carry out any programs identified in the consumer’s ISP and/or routine plan of care.

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